Want to use my own router

Hello, I am a FIOS internet only customer.

As usual the cost goes up and no deals for current customers.. so, I have two options: Switch or cut cost without changing service.

I am attempting to save the $12 on the router rental to remain with Fios.

It is difficult to convert to ONT at this time since in this house, the Coax to the router is on one end of the basement that is pulled from the outside of the house (where my printer etc. is set up.)  The actual Verizon box is on the opposite side of the basement – about 150 ft away.

Due to multiple interior walls between the two ends, in a 56 year old home, it is difficult to get a concealed CAT across.. so, ONT doesn’t seem like an option…

So, I am looking for guidance from experts on this forum if the following is possible?

I purchase (if available in the market) a MoCA adopter and a new wi-fi router (please recommend brands/models) and connect:

  • Coax cable => MoCA adopter => Router (with ethernet where I can connect my printer etc.)

Appreciate your help in advance!

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You can buy a Verizon router to save the rental fee.  New from Verizon or used from your favorite online store.

If you buy used, be sure the seller has a fair return policy, as some used units may be flashed with Frontier firmware and will not work as a Verizon router (even though they say Verizon).

Good Luck.

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Hi TKG, I know this is a shot in the dark likely, but did you have any success with this method as I am looking into doing the same thing, using a ONt-coax-moca-router setup. Or did you just end up running ethernet?


The first thing is call up Verizon and have them switch you to ethernet only.

but only after you purchase your own ac router with external antennas. You can buy a TP link Archer, Asus or a Netgear Router from Best Buy or amazon or another online computer store. Or go to Walmart or staples or even target stores and they have good deals.

i would hire a friend or even a electrician to run the ethernet from the ONT to your WAN port on your new router. Ethernet can be run along baseboards or even have a small hole drilled in the baseboard up to the area where your router is. Or just put the new router next to your ONT location and run the ethernet to a single location in your home and hook to a switch. You then get 5,6,8,10 or 12 connections to connect devices to your network. Most printers are on WiFi connections today. So once you run the setup driver for the printer it should find the new routers SSID and just connect to that.

in the time I explained how to do it, you would have already been up and running.