Was a FIOS customer for over 11 years, on autopay, service was cancelled without an email or 2 factor authentication...
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Ive had an account in good standing for over 11 years, there was no balance, and I was on auto pay.  

For the past 2 weeks several times when trying to use FIOS streaming services I would get an error when trying to authenticate, I didn't have much time to deal with it so I figured I would sort another time.  

Finally I called FIOS support after a 40min wait the first person tells me my account is in good standing and they're not sure why it isn't working and for some reason they can't get into the account to fix it.   They said they would loop in another person and explain what was going on, I apparently got transferred to the financial department, the original support person isn't on the line and the financial person only tells me that "all I can tell you is your account is in good standing, has zero balance, and is on auto pay".... mind you I just had explained now a 2nd time what was going on ...so were are over 1.5 hours into this.   They transfer me BACK to customer service,  the next person I get digs into the account and they say that my account was cancelled on the 9/26 and that I was sent an email and a txt.   

After more exploration, they say my account was cancelled because someone else is trying to setup new service on the account but they can't offer any more clarity...they transfer me to a supervisor....

The supervisor tells me that the new person showed their paperwork and authorized the new service... I asked why wasn't I notified...   They said we sent a text (from the same number as all their spam texts so It was lost under other FIOS billing texts), and an email.    I never got an email...they look further and say that my email address was changed the same day the cancellation order was put in. I inform them I didn't put in a cancellation order... who did and who changed my email address and what email address is it?   The email was an address that was on there and not used since 2016 but was only used to access streaming services, there was literally ZERO account administration  emails ever sent to that email address, ALL account related emails has always been sent to the same email address, they confirmed this, yet somehow, to cancel my service, they changed what account email to use, and they did not make a best effort to relay the account cancellation to me.   

They refused to put my account on hold or reinstate my account as "it's already cancelled and it was authorized and we emailed you".... They refused to explain how my email address was changed, but told me that it was changed when they put the NEW order in for the new persons service.  How could they change another account's email address when adding a completely different accounts information??? 

This is absurd, Ive always paid on time, Ive had one of the more extensive package plans they offered, had phone service and phone service but this experience.. and total lack of customer appreciation or support leaves me considering other options.

Maybe this is the time to cut the cord and use streaming services.....

Totally unvalued and disrespected ex-customer



Re: Was a FIOS customer for over 11 years, on autopay, service was cancelled without an email or 2 factor authentication...

Hi vjkevlar,

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