Watching programs with fios internet only?

Hi, we recently were notified that we can get fios internet at our home. Up until now NOTHING is available in our area so obviously we are excited. We went online and ordered. Unfortunately we were told fios tv is not yet available at our home. So the tv/internet/phone deal obviously wasn't an option. We did however sign up for the $80 fios internet and router. My question is can we still stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime etc through our fios internet connection? We do have at netflix and Amazon ready tv. And a wiiu that I believe also says Netflix ready. But everything I've read says something about the dvr box. 

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

Re: Watching programs with fios internet only?

You can use your internet only connection and be happy you don’t have the tv portion in your area.

your Amazon and Netflix can be used through the various devices available for sale.

you have Chromcast for about $25 and Roku for about $40 and of course Apple TV which is around $150 and all these devices run on WiFi or direct wired connection to your router. In other cases you can get a smart tv with those apps necessary for tv as well. I have DirectTVNOW at $40 a month with access from all the devices i mentioned above as well as my smart tv.

you can also get phone at $35 from MagicJack with a free year of service included.

using this device and a streaming tv service knocks out all the taxes and fees associated with Fios and cable systems.