Web Site Creation Questions

I'm currently a Comcast customer but I have a tentative install date to switch to Verizon FIOS.  I have 2 business web sites hosted free on Comcast and I want to make sure Verizon can handle them.  I don't want to switch to Verizon and then discover my business sites are in jeopardy.  So I have some questions that Verizon sales and Live Chat couldn't answer.......

1) Will I be able to use a 3rd party software program (I use Serif WebPlus) to create the sites and upload them to Verizon, instead of using Verizon's built-in web site creator?, 2)  How would I upload them?  I can't find a web address for where to send them?, 3) I use a redirection service to forward the long default web site addresses to an easier to type address.  Would this cause any problems with Verizon?, 4) Would each web site be "tied" to an email address?  For example one site would be tied to my main Verizon email account but then I would have to create a sub-account email address for the second web site?, 5) I'm assuming there wouldn't be any charge for uploading these sites to Verizon as long as I don't go over 10MB?

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