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I contacted Verizon regarding my Fios plan that I signed over a year ago.  I fully expect prices to go up as that is the way business works and we are going through inflation.  However, I called to inquire about removing the TV service from the bundle only to be told that the cost of JUST internet service was going to be $140 with the price jumping to $160 over the next few months after all the discounts expired.  The customer service agent was polite and apologized for being unable to help further at the time and strongly suggested that I research their website for other deals in the area where I live that she was unable to see on her system.  

I was on vacation at the time and took her advice yesterday and noticed a $39 deal on the website for Fios Internet that would suffice for what I needed.  Upon calling back today, I was told that once again the customer service agent could not see this information AND refused to honor the price I was seeing.  The only option is for me to continue my existing service at over triple the price.  In addition, the customer service agent would escalate the information to the supervisor to either remove the deal or increase the area at a later date.  I specifically told them that the pricing was for my area and they said no it did not apply to my area because they could not see it on their screen.

I did make them aware that this is false advertising and would be happy to send a screenshot of the information to someone in the company.  The comment was ignored.  Since they would not honor the website deal I had no choice but to stay with my existing package.  I did try to see if there were other options to provide the information for Verizon to see, but this was all I could find.


It is appropriate for a company to honor its deals posted and there is nowhere in the details stating that certain areas of the state or country cannot utilize the option.  Unfortunately, I do not expect any changes but wanted other consumers to be aware that the company is still falsely representing its bundles pricing and individual service options pricing.

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Hi PA170,

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