Westell 327W wireless connectivity problem

I've recently been having an intermittent issue with my Westell 327W.  Every so often, the wireless will go catatonic in that you cannot communicate with the gateway.  I have two laptops connected wirelessly to the gateway and when this happens, neither one will communicate with it.  The signal still shows up on the laptop's network tool, but it won't connect to it.  The lights are all normal.  Doing a power reset seems to fix it.

I saw a thread on this forum from 2009 describing the exact same problem, but with no clear resolution.

My firmware version is

Any ideas other than replacing the wireless portion with a new router?  The modem side seems to be fine.

Re: Westell 327W wireless connectivity problem
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#1 Try to log into the Westell at from any PC

#2 Should you be asked for a login, try the following:





Your Verizon Username and Password

Admin/serial number.

By serial number, I do not mean type it words serial number. I mean find and enter in the serial number that is found on the bottom of the router.

#3 If you can't log-in to the router, please post and we will go from there to try to figure out what is going on....

#4 Are you using the White and Blue OR the Red and Black Firmware?

If you don't know what I mean, I point to the info at


#5 If you have your own RJ-45 WAN port wireless router, I would suggesting following that FAQ..

These instructions apply to the Westell 2200, 6100, 6100F, 327W, and 7500 models.

By a RJ-45 WAN port wireless router, for example if you had a Linksys WRT54G.

Re: Westell 327W wireless connectivity problem

I have no problems logging in to the gateway except when I'm experiencing the connectivity problem because I am only connected wirelessly.

I have the red and black firmware, VER:

The serial number is: {edited for privacy}

I have not bought a new router yet because the problem has not occurred often enough to be disruptive, just annoying.

I have no cordless phones.

Here is the link to the older thread which describes the exact same symptoms: