Westell 6100 Failing?


I have seen some posts related to this topic, but thought I would ask about my issue directly.  Specifically, over the past two weeks the Westell has been losing the connection, with the Internet light going out, followed by the DSL light flashing, then all lights except for Power going off.  Shortly thereafter the lights slowly start to come back on and the connection is restored.  Takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 or 4 minutes.  This had been happening a couple of times per day, but is now becoming more frequest with today being the worst so far.

I've had this modem for years now (more than six) and have the current level of service for at least three years (7M).  I have not changed anything else in the system at all, so I think either something is wrong with the modem or the lines.  Interestingly, I've also been having issues with the phone service, so perhaps that does indicate a line problem?

Here are the transceiver stats if that helps, although they are very similar to what I have had all along:

Transceiver Revision: 
Vendor ID Code:        4 
Line Mode:               G.DMT Mode 
Data Path:               Interleaved 
Transceiver InformationDown Stream PathUp Stream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)7616864
Margin (dB)9.510.0
Line Attenuation (dB)45.524.0
Transmit Power (dBm)19.611.9

I appreciate any help or insights that any of you can offer.

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I have the same issue here in Richmond, VA - I've been using mine without a landline or other service for 6 years and while they determined there was an outage last week (where it was down for 1.5 days and I couldn't get it back up myself), most times when I reboot the modem it comes back up.  No other changes in my apartment that could have contributed to it, either.  I am using shorter/newer ethernet and phone cables now since the outage.

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This has been happening to me too, very frequently this week.  I actually have two different Westell 6100s and both do the same thing -- frequently (more often during the daytime hours) the connection just drops for anywhere from a few seconds to a couple minutes before being able to resync, and lately it's being doing it every few minutes (or worse).  I had a Verizon tech come by on Wednesday and he had someone ship a newer DSL modem with built-in router and we'll see if it's any better at holding a signal. 

Usually when I lose the signal, I have a bigger problem with the upload transceiver stats than the download.  Hoping the new modem will help, but I really think something else is wrong upstream somewhere.

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My 6100 has been terrible for the past few days. Couldn't connect messed up router connection . Verizon seems to think modem is bad . Purchased a new one from them ,waiting for it and see what happens.

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I posted a different type of problem with the 6100 just a few minutes ago.

Regarding your problem, I found that the 6100, or maybe verizon in general, is

susceptible  to wire condition and length between the modem and the wall plug.

I had a problem a couple of weeks ago and swapped the 12ft cable for 5 foot

new cable and my connection problem disappeared.  The problem I had was

that I could not get my connection back after a reset by turning the unit "OFF'

then "ON" again.  A new, shorter cable appears to have fixed it.

By the way, the reason for the OFF/ON reset is my download speed drops over

a period of time (2-7 days) from 6250kbps to below 1000 and won't come back

up by itself.  Only the OFF/ON reset fixes the problem.  Temporarily, it seems.

The new cable did nothing for this particular speed problem.


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If you have a friend or a neighbor with a spare DSL modem you can ask them to see if they'll let you borrow it for some troubleshooting, but I doubt the 6100 is failing unless it's been damaged by lightning for example. If you're getting static on the line it's likely a problem developed with the copper circuit which DSL will expose more.

If the drops and static happen routinely or at specific parts of the day, see if you can hear the static with the DSL modem turned off, or even outside at your NID with a phone only connected to the test jack. If you still get static, call Voice repair out to get the line fixed. The trick here is if it's actually a copper issue that affects voice, once Voice Repair identifies the issue and fixes it DSL service will also follow along.