Westell 6100F - Blinking light

Whats burns me up is that none of the verizon documentation indicates taht a DSL flashing is a problem with their network. Unntil that light comes up solid you're up the creek . I troubleshot this thing for an hour before we determined that the light was flashing. This tech support is hideous at best.

Now they ave to send a tech out , that takes two weeks and he'll probably determine it's a bad modem. I replaced and tested the phone wire, I even plugged it in to the telco access port in the D-marc outside the house just to rule out any internal wiring issues. Annd of course I reset it and powered it off and on 900 times, which is all those dopes know how to do at tech support.

Then I got told it would cost 129.00 to have a tech come out, I blew a gasket at that one... UGH...CAble is better