Westell 7500 A90 DSL Modem

Fairpoint switched out a DSL modem with a new Westell 7500 Modem and now the computers in the inter office cannot talk to each other (share files). There was a Linksys Router hooked to the old one. The technician unhooked the router because they could not get internet access hooked up this way. I added the Linksys back and set it to PPPoE but they could still not get internet access but were able to share files. What's the best way to get the computers in the office to be able to share files and also have internet access? Thanks in advance.


Re: Westell 7500 A90 DSL Modem
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Let me guess..

This 7500 looks like the red and black firmware that is addressed in

All FAQs » Verizon Online DSL FAQ » 4. Hardware -> How do I use a router with the Westell 6100?

If I am wrong, please correct me. If I am wrong, correct me by show the first screen that you see in this this 7500 - after you log-in to it.