Westell 7500, can't connect to the network.

I just got the Westell 7500 Router with the purchase of their phone bundle deal or whatever.  I downloaded the software, and when I opened it, it goes to "Testing Connectivity" and after about 30-45 seconds, I get a message saying that it can't connect to internet and it lists some troubleshooting steps to help fix the problem.  I've done everything from that list plenty of times and still can't connect to internet.  The "DSL" led light is steadily blinking.  I've also went to every other phone jack in the house to see if the "DSL" led would change to solid green, and no luck. 

"DSL" service was never available in our area until recently (supposedly), and when we decided to get a house phone again, we called verizon, and they sent us this high speed router, and hooked us up with a verizon number, so I would assume that this installation was going to be simple.  But, I can't connect to the network, and I don't know what else to do. 

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Hi there,   if the DSL led is blinking, then that means that it can't form a physical connection between it and the Central office. 

There are minor things you can do in the house to get it going, and most often it will work.   the best way to do it is to physically unplug every phone in your house, (start from scratch basically)  try to remember old dial up modems, fax machines and alarm systems.

with everything disconnected, plug your DSL modem in with NO filter.    just the dsl modem, phone line right into a working jack. 

if the dsl light still does not go solid, thn you may have to call the Verizon dsl guys - they may have to send a technician.     

you can also plug directly into the NID.  The NID is the Box that Verizon puts either on the side of your house or in your house to bring the phone service in.  it's the main point of entry for them, so if you open it, you'll see phone jacks inside of it.  those are test jacks, and you just plug your dsl modem in there with no filter.   If it doesn't even connect there, then you have a problem in the street, and you DEFINETLY need a tech at that point.   if you get signal there, then you know the problem is in your house, and you'll either need to check around for a phone you might have missed, or call a tech and plan on being there to let him in. 

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I got exactly the same problem with my new 7500.  I got the 7500 shipped from Verizon after reporting that my old 327W was not working.  I had already had a VZ  technician to my home, and he reported that the line was good, and that the modem/router was bad.

The first web page I went to was Verizon central, and it took me right to a registration page for my new modem/router.

That software got into a loop at "Testing Connectivity", just as you report.  I power cycled the modem/router a few times, but t I did not try removing all the phones as suggested by others.  The line had been cleared of suspicion the day before.  So I called tech support back. 

They were able to do things at their end that cleared up the problem. 

It's frequently the case that we users cannot see anything beyond our piece to the network.  It doesn't matter how smart or knowledgeable we are,  we aren't going to diagnose and fix the problem without tech support.  I like to try to fix problems on my own, without waitnig for tech support.  But for network problems, I make an exception.

Re: Westell 7500, can't connect to the network.
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When you went to https://activate.verizon.net/launch/welcome

You selected

Reconnect to the Internet because I reset or replaced my modem