Westell 9100 EM - Rules
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I have a business FIOS account  with static ip's.

How / where  do i configure the Westell router to allow Inbound messges to my email server ?   

Outbound email is working fine!


Re: Westell 9100 EM - Rules
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  1. Click on the Firewall Settings icon.
  2. Select Static Nat from the left menu.  Static NAT page is displayed.
  3. Click on New Entry (right side).  Add Static Nat page is displayed.
  4. On the Networked Computer line, select the local computer from the pull-down or enter it's IP address in the entry field.
  5. On the Public IP address line, enter one of your static IP addresses.
  6. Click OK to add.  Returns to the Static NAT page.

Rinse and repeat for each additional static IP address.

Click APPLY on the Static NAT page when done.