Westell Model 6100: Reseting

So have the Westell 6100 modem and I was playing around with its setting so I could hook up my Linksys WRT310 Router N. However, I sort of messed up the setting on the modem from and I cant seem to reset it so I can go back online. I get a Solid green on Power, and on occasion the Ethernet but the Internet constantly blinks. I've tried to searching about but cant find the solution.

Currently I'm using my cousin Westell 6100 G modem to connect while my modem out (6100 original?)

Re: Westell Model 6100: Reseting
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#1 Connect your computer directly to the modem.

#2 Press and hold the reset button/switch for at least 10 seconds.

#3 Now try to go to

#4 If you can't get to that site, then try..

Press and hold the reset button/switch as you turn off and back on the power to the modem.

#5 Now try again to access

#6 If that faiils, what is your OS and Version? For example Windows XP Home SP3.