What are those Extra fees (service added and installation)? FRUSTRATED

Any help is appreciated.

I recently moved to a new apartment and ordered 100/100 FiOS internet service via a regional representative. I was promised that there will be no installation fee. The problem starts here. This person accidentally(?) put me in 300/300 plan and charged me 69.99 per month. Shouldn't it be $59.99 even if I really ordered 300/300 plan?

Anyways, I contacted customer service to change it back to 100/100 plan. The person on the phone confirmed that the original order has been canceled and a new order had been placed which delayed my service a few more days. But then, the person mistakenly put the wrong address on the order and the service was never provided on the promised day. 

So (again), I called customer service to fix the address and had to go through more than 10 people to update a single digit in the address which took me nearly half a day. Then, I was informed that there is an existing service in my apartment, which turned out to be a previous order that was supposed to be canceled, and I wasn't able to continue with my order because of that. This also delayed the service a few more days. 

Finally, someone did his/her job to fix my order and I finally got the expected service date (7 days later).

Now today, I finally got my tech support person over and was able to get my internet service. He basically took a look on the ONT that has already been installed before I moved in. No new cable was installed. Within 5 minutes, I was able to connect to the internet and he left. I honestly don't get why Verizon had to send someone to do this. Then, I was so upset after checking the estimated bill section on the FIOS app. I was charged $25.34 for 'Services Added' fee and $99 for set-up fee. 

I am already disappointed with the customer service and I feel I am being played. It was so difficult to get my requests done and service in time. And now they are even charging me for what I am responsible for. How should I deal with this kind of issues..?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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The install fee of $99 is only waived for customers using the online order portal.

if you speak to anyone via phone or chat then bam you get charged.

the order being changed from 300/300 to 100/100 is where the other charge would come from. During the order process although it was entered wrong the change triggers a fee.

yes it may have been overkill to send a tech, but was your router already there? Was your service considered active? If a person shows up there is a charge unless the issue is on the outside or on the pole. In any case you could have just let the 300/300 be turned on. Then when the installer was at your residence to alert his office it’s the wrong provisioned speed. Could have been changed by Verizon.

you have a 30 day total customer satisfaction guarantee so if not happy just cancel service. Otherwise you may be in a contract and will get dinged a early termination fee.


Look at bottom of web page.

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