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On February 24, I signed up on-line for the Verizon Fios Triple Play package which is the Ultimate HD with 35/35 Internet, well, all of which I did on-line as required during their promotional period in order to get the price I received and when I logged on for the first time today (it took a month for me to get service), went into "My Verizon" to view my services and was totally confused to see Fios Internet speed up to 25/25.  So I printed my original "Thank you! Your Fios order has been received with the quoted price from Verizon, I called customer service, informed them of my dilemma, Verizon found the original order email that was sent to me and instead of honoring the original order for the 24 months at the price quoted, Verizon wanted to charge me a higher cost.  If someone from Customer Service can reach out to me and help/assist with this matter, it would be greatly appreciated.   Thank You.