What happened to 7 mb/s?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I bought the salesperson's line that my DSL speed would double if I paid a tiny bit more for the 7 mb/s rather than the 3 mb/s I was on. I ran a speedtest after the changeover, and I'm only up to 4.4 on the download and .73 on the upload. When I talked to the tech support person (she was in the Phillippines, and said there was no one in the US to talk to) she said perhaps I need a new modem. I have the Westell 6100.

I am about as tech savvy as anyone who uses the internet for work, etc., all day, but I just can't stand to put myself through another day of tech support madness. Does anyone know if I need a new modem, and if so, what model? I will gladly buy it from Amazon or eBay rather than talk to another Verizon employee.

Thanks for any advice!