What is the escalation department number for PA for Verizon Fios?

We moved to Pennsylvania a year ago.  We rented first and knew that we will move in a year.  We signed up for Verizon Fios as a new customer and the contract was for 2 years.  I was told that I can keep the same price because of price guarantee for 2 years. We were happy with Fios service during last year.  However, when we move, an anticipated 15 minutes call became many phone calls (varying lengths, mostly half an hour to an hour, I have records, but not details here).  Every time I call, the quoted price was different for the same current package.  One time the agent promised me that I can keep the same price and I will get a gift card so I signed up to move.  The subsequent emailed price was $40-50 /month higher than promised (that is $1000 difference in two years).  In subsequent calls, the reps and managers said that they could not honor the price.  I called Comcast yesterday and today - the rep maybe not be as courteous, but at least, their quote prices are constant and we know that this is it.  So I cancelled that order which was a lie.  A friend in NY dealt with an escalation department in NY.  Is there a esalation department in PA?  Is it written in the contract that everytime you move, you will have a new contract price.  But if you do not want the price, you will have to pay the early termination fee?