Where can I find a formal complaint with Verizon

I am a long time customer with Verizon (over 8 years)

Last month I had an issue where there was an intenet interruption.  I called verizon they a technician was send over 2 days after.  Technian fixed the problem by changing some box in the basement.

The following week I received my monthly bill and I notice a one-time charge for internet upgrade for $150, I immediatly called verizon and representative noted that somehow my internet was upgraded without my AUTHORIZATION.  Representative downgraded the internet again and was promised a credit of $150 but i was going to take about 24hrs to get approved to wait for his call to confirm credit.

Two days after I still had not received call so I contacted verizon again and was told that credit was being process just to give it some time.

Four days later still no credit and response from Verizon I decided to called by and was told that there was NO REPORT of my conversion and was denied credit because I according the Verizon rep I made the changes; so I asked her to proved to me that I AUTHORIZE the upgrade and they can't prove by either a recording or sign paperwork but still Verizon representative denied the credit and ultimately I was even denied to speak to a manager.  Represenative just ended conversion that I had to deal with my charge??? Really this is charge that I did not authorize Verizon is unable to prove to me that I authorize this charge as I am being told and I just need to pay for $150 extra...... After a long time customer this is the way I am being treated.

At this point I am just going to wait for contract to expire and run away from this company this is just robbing $150...... shame

Re: Where can I find a formal complaint with Verizon
This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.