Where is Verizon's escalation team?!
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I have been a Verizon customer for as long as I can remember. I've always had Verizon Wireless and once I got married my husband and I got Verizon Fios services in our first home. I had to stop being a Verizon fios customer when we moved to Hawaii because they did not offer services there. Once I moved back I once again had no option but to go to Cox because I lived in Williamsburg. I 100% hated their service and was excited to move back to an area where there was fios. Once I moved into my new home I saw that they already had Verizon hooked up so I just had to switch services and self install.

This was perfect because I work in property management so we have a Verizon Rep. I used her to sign up and she walked me through the steps to get my service. This is where everything went wrong...

She told me that I could start services that Saturday, I just had to go pick up a router at the store closest to my house (this was on a Thursday). Saturday morning comes around and I pull up to the Verizon fios store only to be told they were completely out of routers..they told me to go to the other store across town. We get there and they are also completely out of routers. My Verizon Rep said this was weird and told me to call customer support to find a store with a router. I called customer service for him to tell me that this was also weird but confirmed that all stores were out. He told me that they would give me faster shipping because of this. Once he transferred me, the lady said there was no other option but 5 day shipping. This was on Saturday. I call back that next Friday just to find out the previous Verizon customer service rep never ordered my router. At this point I'm ready to cancel...the new customer service rep said there was nothing she could offer other than me pick up a router from one of the stores in my city (which I have told her 45 times at this point that they are all sold out) or she can give me 2 day shipping. This was on a Friday. She said the router would get there next Friday. How is that 2 days? I hung on her and she proceeded to call me back 37 times, this isn't a joke, and when I answered there was literally no one on the line. Just spam calling me and sending me emails non stop saying the stores in my area have 2 routers left. I'm about to lose my mind at this point because the stores do not have routers.

I take my loses at this point because this whole process has been a waste of time and I drive to another city to get my router. I'm excited to hook it up and resume my life when I see that the router is flashing yellow. Meaning there is no internet connection. I call tech support to get a guy that barely speaks english. He tells me my account can't have services turned on and that I need to contact customer service to turn services on. I sit on hold for 35 minutes for the customer service rep to say my account looks good on her end and she transfers me back to customer support. This guy says the same thing as the last and transfers me back to customer service after waiting another 30 minutes to talk to him to find out customer service is closed. The next day I have my husband call and he literally sits on the phone for 2 hours for the tech to say my services should be activated from 5pm-6pm, mind you this is an hour before they close, and we knew they weren't going to work. I call at 6pm and explain that the services still aren't working. Tech support rights a note in my account to stop transferring me back and forth and that tech support cannot do anything on their end because my service cannot be started. She transfers me to customer support and geuss what , everything looks good on her end. She gets tech support on the call as well. She hangs up and tech support said he would call us back and get this fixed TONIGHT. We never got a call back.

I talk to another Verizon rep after explaining everything that's going on. She calls the help ticket line, where that rep was extremely rude to me. She kept telling me things that the last 56 verizon employees that I have spoken to have said. She literally spoke to me like I was ignorant. She explained that somewhere in the team, they reset my date for 12/11/2019 and the router should be working.

I woke up this morning to guess again, no internet. I'm on Verizon's little chat thing on my computer and he once again said services cant start because my order is processing.

I have spent days and hours on hold waiting to get this fixed.

It's literally been a waste of time and at this point i'm willing to go back to Cox and their **bleep** service because of the Extremely poor and unprofessional customer service that I keep recieving from Verizon. 
Multiple reps have said they understand why I'm frustrated and want to cancel services, but what're you going to do about this?!

How do you expect me to refer you guys to my residents when this is the treatment that I get?

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Re: Where is Verizon's escalation team?!
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Hi abren,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.