While waiting for the Fios Gigabit upgrade

Moving from 75/75 at the end of August when guy comes. 

Told they needed to come to replace the ONT terminal (?), so ok. Apparently the current unit cannot handle the gigabit speed. 

Currently I run coax to the verizon router which has wifi turned off and then connect to Netgear Orbi system. Works very well. 

Should I expect any problems post upgrade?

Can I plug the Orbi directly into the ONT?

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Just to add to dslr's comment -

If you plugin to the new router (ONT-> VZ Router -> Orbi), you shouldn't see any changes.

If you want to use your own router, things will be supported only to the ONT, and troubleshooting will be a little, well, trouble.

Certainly doable, but i would say rent the VZ router at least for a month, plug in the orbi to it, get everything working, and then look into removing it.

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Since I am sure that Moca can not handle gigabit speed, they will switch to ethernet.

If that is correct, there should be no problems other than...

#1 In your own router you may need to spoof/clone the WAN MAC Address of the FIOS router.

#2 They will support you from their end only up to the ONT.