Why Isn't Fios Avaliable In My Area????

I was really excited when I saw the 940/880 gigabit connection with Fios Services, especially when my current internet plan with Xfinity is about the same price and im only getting 65/7 internet speeds. I live In Boston, MA; not Whitefish, Montana - so I assumed that there is no way there is no avaliabilty in my area, and of course I'm proven wrong. I live in the South End and am just confused onto why there is no avaliability, especially when Boston is listed in the avaliabilty zones.  Does anybody have information regarding to getting avaliabilty specifcially in highly populated areas like Boston? Thanks in advance. 

Re: Why Isn't Fios Avaliable In My Area????

You are in the old catch 22 between verizon promising to bring fios into Boston and other areas and the actual buildout. Like with NYC etc. the provision of getting fios is still a waiting game due to other reasons. Access to buildings and homes, underground access versus pole access, access to property, right of way, local governments etc.

initially verizon was not going to continue their buildout. However demand is great for a superior product, and they are trying to get to those that desire it.


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