Why did verizon release such a bad router G3100
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I probably should have done more reading.. or taken the negative reports about the G3100 more seriously.

Since getting this router a couple days ago it randomly drops connections like others have observed.. the light goes to a beige color.. and within a couple minutes starts working again.. but it's long enough to disconnect everyone in the house.

I was not experiencing this issue before, and nothing else has changed with my fios environment, i just wanted a new router.. previously i was restarting my old router every couple weeks, and it was just generally too slow.

I have noticed so far, that this happens when i'm connected to my work VPN. 

and the only messages in the log that appear to be even remotely relevant are about DNS bind attacks.. but it doesn't say anything about rebooting or dropping connection

Has Verizon acknowledged these issues? this is a $300 router.. i really expected it to work better

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some more details.

the light on the front of the router is yellow when this problem happens, it appears that the internet connection to the router is dropped for about 10 seconds, and then it takes about 30-45 seconds for all the connections to resestablish.

this has happened 3 times so far today, and I have not been using my company VPN at the time.

the log messages today had to do with "Failed to start DDNS" and " New NTP client will be start, to terminated other NTP client"