Why no IPv6? Please roll it out
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I just switched from Comcast to Verizon Fios, and I already miss the IPv6 connectivity. I've had IPv6 with Comcast for years. I'd really like to see Verizon roll out this basic functionality. I'd like to volunteer as a beta tester if there's any tests in the Pittsburgh area.

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They've had some testing going on in Ashburn, VA for quite some time, but not much seen outside of that. Who knows what the delays are these days. Last time it was supposedly due to compatibility issues with some vendor equipment, and that was a while ago. I definitely agree it's time for IPv6. Solves a lot of problems - For example, no more ARP, no more NAT Transversal issues, no need for ALG because the host can be directly communicated to as needed, more efficient routing mechanisms, etc.

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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking mostly to other users here.

Many of us would love to see IPv6 on Fios.  It's been promised for years, but is not yet here as a production service.  There is no public information about when (or if) they will turn on IPv6.  There's a very, very long thread over in DSLreports.com's Fios forum discussing this very topic.  You can review it here:


If you want to tell Verizon about your interest in IPv6 and willingness to test it, I suggest you reach out to their social media support team.  You can do this on FaceBook, tweet @verizonsupport or post in this private forum:

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I am curious of why do you need IPv6? I never saw a website only running on IPv6.

IPv6 does make it more easy for you to host VPN servers (no need to do NAT-Traversal) and home/personal websites (no need to do NAT and/or reverse-proxy), however, these ideas may all against the ToS.


I want to set up a point to point VPN without a need for a third party (DDNS for example). The addresses stay static within the service provider pretty much forever. Perhaps Verizon has realized this would make telcos less needed, as you could call directly once you had the specific address for your home phone (if they existed like they used to). That may be a bad example, but the world of IP and the internet will change when new options become possible with direct communications. I want that. Why do we need seat belts in cars, smoke detectors in houses? Are you planning on having an accident or fire? Of course not, but I want them anyway.

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You can get static IPs from Verizon business bundles, so a third DNS provider is unnecessary.

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While there might be no need now, it is important to be ready for the future.

They are rolling it out but only in select areas (think near their data centers).

While you say you never seen a website run only on IPv6, here is are two of them.



Also from https://ungleich.ch/en-us/cms/blog/2019/02/05/list-of-ipv6-only-services/

they list some more IPv6 sites but that are not testing sites.