Why offer a great product when you have horrible customer service dept?
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I have never dealt with an organization that didn't keep a call log of a simple issue that was never handled properly & that ultimately had me cut my ties with them. I was a excellent customer with a monthly payment of nearly $200. I guess I should've paid $100 more to be treated better. I love the products that they have to offer but if I have to go through so much grief, to get my order right then I'd be an idiot for staying with them, when it could happen again. You guys do not know how to handle, coordinate & facilitate your customers' issues. You reps. are horribly trained & do not know what they are doing. Can you believe that they had no record of any complaints by me when on several occasions & through many different means, I had made such complaints. It's so bad that I was suppose to get my service on a Saturday & today, Thursday, I am still without service. NO MORE! THE TIES ARE CUT! NO MORE HEADACHES!