Why the heck it's so hard to disconnect Fios? and you have to pay for extra month no matter WHAT

Verizon Fios is in the business of making money on those who is trying to stop the service. It's not available as a self service, you only need to call.  I have moved to a different location that does not have verizon, and I called Fios with the request to disconnect my service on 9/30 my service. Apparently, I called TOO EARLY (on 9/22 or 9/23) and was asked to reconnect again and reconfirm on the day of??? Well, I am moving with my family including my newborn baby and don't have time to call again on the moving day to confirm my request to stop the service. To make the long story short, they never disconnected me and kept charging me for the full month, though I never used the internet, as I was already residing in the new state. Moreover, I have to spend another ONE HOUR to repeat the same thing over and over again and again. Please, DISCONNECT MY SERVICE and STOP CHARGING ME for nothing. On 10/9 I finally got service cancellation and in 10 days I saw the bill due with a full month charge!!! That's NUTS. Customer service over chat is so slow, almost like I woke them up. Not helpful.

I am not paying for the extra month, as I requested service disconnect too early. that is not my problem how your system works. I have submitted my request in advance, and do not have to pay an extra month $40. I'll better buy some yammi food for my baby. 

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