WiFi extender (WCB3000N) Has terribly slow speeds!

I recently got FiOS setup at my apartment after having TWC/Spectrum for 10 years. The Quantum was an awesome selling point. Now, in my old setup with TWC, i used the MoCA out connection from the cable boxes to use wired ethernet in each because of the wifi range being poor. Since FiOS doesn't have MoCA accessibility for internet, I had to buy an Extender. I couldnt afford the newest actiontec one so I got the WCB3000N. I connnected it and it basically gave me 100mbps up/dn via ethernet cable. I then tried to make some changes to the WiFi network names(to match the gateway names) on the extender and since I renamed them, while hardwired I get 1mbps/30mbps. Not a typo.. 1 MBPS via hardwire. I’ve tried everything but just dont know. I’ve even reset everything but still nothing. I see under the “advanced” settings i can setup bridge and gateway settings but i dont have the skills to fix it myself. Anyone know what I should do in this situation?

thank you all for your time!


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