WiFi not able to connect

Verizon sent me a new wireless router. Now nothing on my wifi network can connect. Keeps asking for a password. I have tried the pw on the back of the router, but, nothing works. 

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If Jon's suggestion isn't working, you may also need to hardwire a computer into the router and try reviewing the security settings from the admin interface.

Username and password should be admin / admin by default, and the router should ask you to change the admin password once you've logged in.

By going to the web interface, clicking Wireless Setup at the top, you can see and change your network name. There is also a "Wireless Security" Section within here where you can view and change the password for the Wi-Fi. Be sure though that you only use WPA2-PSK AES encryption. Do not select WEP, WPA, "No Security" or WPA/WPA2 mixed.


There are two passwords. One is to access the routers GUI, in which you can turn on WiFi.

the second password is for the WiFi which is also listed on the router. Make sure to use the proper one.