I tried to relocate my modem router because the signal to the Direct TV receiver was not receiving the signal. My laptop in the same room receives the signal just fine. After I reconnected it in the new room, connectivity was lost. I replaced it in the original room and still could not get connected. I had to call tech support and almost an hour later was reconnected. My questions:

Does the receiver require a stronger signal?

How do I relocate the modem without losing connectivity?

Or, How do I get a stronger signal

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First off Verizon uses routers for Fios internet. 

They do use modems for DSL however it would be difficult to access just what type of service you have.

dsl uses copper telephone lines so you simply move it to another open phone jack and make sure to not have the filter on. Now while saying WiFi I am assuming it may be the Quantum router and your WiFi may need to be setup with an extender or extenders.

you can purchase from Verizon or just buy from a computer shop like Best Buy.

the Quantum Gateway Router is not famous for great WiFi.