Widely variable gigabit speeds

I'm seeing wildly big variations on my upload/download speeds on my 1gigabit fits connection.  all wired connections straight to the ONT.  Using Verizon's test page.

For DLs, I'm getting 600, 300, 400, 600, 400; basically just run one after the other.  I have also tried several hours apart.

This is similar situation to this thread:


Is this still a problem?  Should have have pretty consistent speeds?  

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Community Leader

There are many factors involving speedtest sites. Some servers aren't equipped for high speed tests. If you test 10 different servers you'll get 10 different results. 

Then the subscriber side there is other potential factors. Like antivirus software, computer processors and RAM, and the browser being used. 

The whole point of gigabit is for bandwidth sharing for multiple users. Not for any one device to get a gig. For example, you only need 25 mbps to stream 4k video. If 5 users are streaming 4k is only 125 mbps. Gigabit is way overkill and not needed for any specific device.