Wifi Coverage

I know I have the latest and greatest Router but the coverage in my very large house is not very good. I can barely use Wifi calling 80 feet away with one glass door and one door and one wall that jutts out between me and the router. I have tried "extenders" but honestly they don't seem to help either.

My router is on the first level. My bedroom above has decent service but like I said 80' away on the first floor and the service stinks. My TV is connected directly to the router with 100' of cable thru the basement.

Is there a device that I can plug into that 100' cable that can stay in my living room and deliver Wifi to the living room

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You could plug another router in the lan port on the Verizon router, then hook the ethernet into the customer owned WAN and use the WiFi on that router to cover the rest of your home. Normally a better router will cover a wider area.

the Quantum Gateway Router is known for so so WiFi.