Wifi Extender question

I just signed up for fios 980/880 ( or something similar) . The speeds by wifi aren't even close to that.  Was thinking of getting a wifi extender but didn't want to pay 199.00 for the wifi extender verizon is selling.

I have the newest router the Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router.

Can I just buy any extended off of amazon or am I stuck buying verizons?

thanks for any help

Re: Wifi Extender question
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Community Leader

Unless you are using a device that is Wifi 6(ax), then you aren't going to get wifi speed near a gig. I get about 400 with a laptop that's wifi 5(ac)

Yes can get any extender you want be you will need to wire it with ethernet. If you get the Verizon one you can utilize the coax in your house. 

Also keep in mind a gigabit connection is way overkill for most applications. The gig speed is for bandwidth sharing between multiple users. Not really about one device getting a gig. For example, you only need 25 mbps to stream 4k.