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Our Wifi is acting up and I'm unsure what exactly I should do. I tried the self-help internet programs online. Is there anything I can do at home to have our internet wifi reach every room of our home. It's a ranch style, 1600sqft, 1 story home. It used to reach almost every room but now it will not go further than our den where the router is located. We just bought an Alexa Echo so we want to have that in the front of the house but it is unable to connect. Will I have to call a technician to come out or is there something I can do on my own?

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If you have an android device, install an app called WiFi analyzer.

it can check not only for signal strength but other WiFi signals that may be interfering with your WiFi.

Default for Verizon router is auto channel selection.

I have found configuring a specific channel provides better performance.


WiFi range is dependent on what band you are using. 2.4 GHz reaches farther that the faster 5 GHz which has limited range but as I said faster. You could buy a WiFi extender and set it up with your router and place it somewhere that is not getting proper signal strength. This option is about $60 in total cost. I use the Netgear WiFi repeater for our yard and patio. Works great.

good thing about these devices is after they are paired with your router you can unplug them and replug them in anywhere you like. Follow the directions to the letter.

now if you are using Fios Quantum Gateway Router it’s known to be crappy on WiFi. So you may want to purchase your own in its place with external antennas which beam further in your home. If you have internet only this is the way to go. If tv is part of your package you would need a splitter and MOCA adapters.