Will I EVER be able to get DSL in Hedgesville,WV????
Unless you live in (town) which there really isn't much of one, DSL is not available. I have contacted Verizon multiple times and always get the same reply. "We are continuously updating our system and availability". What a load of crap.  If they are not going to do it then just say so.  It's no wonder WV ranks so low in schools and income.  Our kids want the opportunity to use the internet for info and learning but are being slowed by dial-up.  I sure wish Comcast or some other rival would move into this area so we could all ditch Verizon.  Also, I know all about satellite internet and I will keep my dial-up over that over priced garbage.  If you live in Hedgesville or any other area where you are being overlooked call Verizon and make your complaint heard.  I know they don't care but at least you could annoy them a bit. 
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Re: Will I EVER be able to get DSL in Hedgesville,WV????

I have been waiting,wondering and inquiring for years as well.  It was especially irritating to see the ads for DSL in our area and the

ultimate insult to call Verizon about the landline and have the reps try to sell high speed internet that was not available to us.

We live near the Woods resort,DSL has finally become available,so,sign on and check availability again. ( I hear the deals are better online)

I'm thinking if it's available 'way back here' chances are good that H'ville is finally on the Verizon map.

Good Luck