Will my FiOS G1100 work for 500Mbps? Specs say yes, Frontier customer service says no

So I have been off the FIOS network a couple of years ever since Frontier took over VZ.  I had their 50 Mpbs using their G1100 router.

Currently, I have been using a competition ISP for 200Mbps and it works well with the FIOS G1100 as an ethernet router.  I do get a full 200Mbps on the 4 gigabit ports.

Now I am looking at signing up with Frontier's 500Mbps and would like to re-use the VZ router that I love so much.

Frontier sales rep says that the "old G1100" will not support the 500Mbps even though I understood the max rate is 700Mbps.

Does anyone know if I have to switch routers when using 500Mbps ?

My current G1100 specs:

Firmware: v1.0.234
Model: FiOS-G1100
HW version: 1.03
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Community Leader

Yes. The G1100 is fully capable of 500 mbps as it has gigabit ports. Your devices will have to be hardwired of course. I've gotten over 400 on 5 GHz. You may get higher speeds with an AX device. Frontier most likely wants you to upgrade to their newest router and pay a monthly rental.