Windows 7 laptop connects to network - not internet

1 week ago there was a power outage in my neighborhood that lasted about 6 hours.  Afterwards, I was not able to connect to the internet and the battery backup alarm was beeping.  The battery was replaced (the beeping stopped) but I could no longer get online.  Verizon determined that there was a problem with the router (internet light was yellow) so they sent out a new actiontec (red ring).  After connecting it and running the in-home agent, my PC (which is wired into router) works.  My laptop, however, connects to the network but can still not get internet access (it says "unidentified network").  Verizon claims this is an issue with the laptop.  My wife brought her work laptop home - same problem.  My brother-in-law brought his laptop over-  again the same message there.

This, to me, is not an issue with the laptops, but rather with the router - and creates a problem as my wife works from home next week and must use her work laptop - which at this point will not work.

Any suggestions?

Re: Windows 7 laptop connects to network - not internet
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Presumably you have switched over to the new SSID.  Also these new routers use WPA2 security by default.  The passphrase is case sensitive for WPA2.  On your previous router it was probably WEP security and a Passkey (in hex) that was not case sensitive.

IF it is really connecting to the network but unidentified network, click on windows 7 network and identify your network as a trusted home network.