Wired Router Installation
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Where can I find the information needed to configure my new wired router:  IP info such as Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS Server IP Address, etc.?

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Just leave your router in DHCP mode. If you're not paying Verizon for a Static IP address you do not need to configure it.

What is ideal though is to bridge your DSL modem to your wired router. This prevents Double NAT situations, since the modem itself is also a router (If you have a Westell 2200 or a Westell 6100). Now depending on what Verizon uses, either PPPoE or DHCP, also determines if you need to configure your wired router to use. If you're using PPPoE, once the modem is bridged you will need to configure your router to connect to Verizon using PPPoE with your Verizon Username and Password. You also need to set the MTU of your router's Internet (WAN) port to 1492, since that is what a PPPoE DSL connection uses. If you're using DHCP, that's pretty much an out of the box setup for the router. Just leave the bridged modem powered off overnight and it should connect right up when you power up the modem and the router the next day. If you don't want to wait, just clone the MAC address of the modem into your router and it should grab an IP right away.

If you don't know how to bridge the modem, you can search online for bridging your modem or you can tell us what modem you run, so we can provide directions.