Wireless Network Extender MoCA/Gigabit Ethernet Model #WCB3000N : WHY DO I HAVE TWO NETWORKS
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Hello I have set up the verizon branded actiontec moca wireless extender. I now get two networks showing.  The first is my regular network, the second the regular network name + "5G"  This raises some questions

Have i set up two networks? or

Is the 5G designation just showing that the Extender is working?

Should my wireless devices automatically shift to the 5G desingation? I can seem to get any wireless devices to shift to the 5G, only through manually going into settings...

I would appreciate any assistance in this matter. Its supposed to be plug n play...but im wondering

Re: Wireless Network Extender MoCA/Gigabit Ethernet Model #WCB3000N : WHY DO I HAVE TWO NETWORKS
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It is plug and play.  You plugged it in and it automatically configured itself to match your existing WiFi network.  You did not have to adjust any settings in the network extender.

You do not have two networks.  You have two access points to your network.  One at 2.4GHz and one at 5GHz.  Devices connected to either AP are fully connected to your network.

Actually, you have a third AP in your main router.  It's on 2.4GHz as well and has the same SSID as the 2.4GHz AP in the network extender.  This is good as devices will pick the strongest 2.4GHz AP to use and switch between them seamlessly.

You can change the SSID on the 5Ghz AP to the same as the 2.4GHz APs, if you like.  If you do that, devices will switch between 2.4GHz and 5Ghz as they see fit, however you'll have no idea which WiFi link they are on.

5GHz WiFi links are often better than 2.4GHz links.  That's why many people have them on a seperate SSID.