Worst Customer Service Ever
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Let me start this by stating my qualifications. I worked at Enterprise Rent-a-Car for two years. The company whose founding value is “Customer Service is Our Way of Life.” The first thing we are trained in is how to speak to customers and do everything in our power to make sure they are satisfied with their service. That being said, Verizon has provided me with the worst customer service experience of my life. I moved to a new location at the end of February. I used Verizon wireless services at my old location and was going to continue those services at my new location. I was told that the new location was not equipped with the wires needed for the services I had opted into and a technician would have to come out to set it up for me, at a $99 installation fee. When the technician arrived, I watched him plug my personal router into the wall and tell me that was it. He did no other installation. Naturally, I was confused about why someone had to come out and why I couldn’t have just taken care of it myself. I felt as though I was being cheated out of my money. So I called for clarification. Spoke to a representative who was unable to explain to me why someone had to come out and why my address was not eligible for self install. He was relatively unwilling to offer any sort of compensation for the confusion. So I spoke to a supervisor. Same story, different words. Could not explain to me why my location was ineligible for self install, kept saying that since I placed the order and it was confirmed, there was nothing I could do. She offered a 50% adjustment to the installation fee, but was again unwilling to do anything else to compensate for the confusion and was honestly rude on the phone and spoke to me in a tone that was very belittling. So I requested to speak to someone else. “Mr. Marcelle” who refused to give me his full name, from Verizon’s escalation team called me today. He was immediately defensive and spoke to me in a way that was again, rude, belittling, made me feel stupid and felt like talking to a wall. He interrupted me repeatedly, did not listen to my concerns or confusion, and tried to explain what had happened, but was continually contradicting both the things he was saying and what his 5-6 other colleagues that I had already spoken to had said. I explained to him that if the situation had been explained to me properly THE FIRST TIME I CALLED to place the order, I would never have questioned it. But given the experiences and conversations I have had with multiple Verizon reps, I felt cheated out of my money and as though Verizon sees their customers as simply cash cows that they will do anything to squeeze more money out of. If that is how they choose to run their business, I will be cancelling my services upon my next move. Buyer beware, find a wireless company who cares enough about their customers to explain to them properly the first time what they’re money is going to and is willing to do anything to make it up to them when a mistake is made. Shame on you Verizon.

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