Worst Customer Service on the Planet!!!

I have been a customer of Verizon's for over 20 years but this last go round with them to negotiate my new contract has been the absolute worst experience I have ever encountered as a consumer.  Without a doubt, I will be switching my service in the future.  My nightmare started when as per my calendar reminder, I called CS 30 days prior to my current contract pricing expiring.  I was assured that all of the discounts I was receiving would not expire until Oct. 2020 and my bill would be the same until then.  But lo and behold when the November bill came out my monthly charges had increased.  That's when I made the first call to CS in this nightmare.  I was told yes my discounts stayed in tact but my monthly bundle amount had increased.  Also, as a note of information, bundle prices and equipment prices are unrelated and Verizon can mess with equipment any time they like.  The only way to address this issue was to agree on a new bundle package.  Okay I agreed to that with one caveat - I needed to rent ($12/month) or buy ($199.99 plus shipping) a new router.  I had never paid for my router in over 20 years but that's the "new" policy.  So I agreed to purchase one.  UPS loses the router in transit but says it had been delivered.  Verizon supervisor tells me too bad it's my responsible to deal with UPS.  What?! I don't even have a tracking number and keep in mind it's Christmas time at UPS.  Numerous phone calls and on hold waiting just to find out that information is incorrect.  Any equipment being sent to or from Verizon must be handled through them.  That's the agreement with UPS. Their suggestion was to call Verizon back.  I can't even tell you how many phone calls I have endured, how many transfers to "supervisors", how many call backs, etc. I have endured.  Finally, someone in Technical Services sends me a router out over night with a tracking number.  Great! problem solved right? No!!  I get the new router, I send back my old router immediately the next day via UPS.  Guess what?  That router never made it back.  I kept checking its progress - nothing.  UPS told me the same thing again, a claim must be filed by Verizon for any of their shipments.  Again, numerous phone calls, transfers, etc. to find out where I go from here as far as billing is concerned.  Yesterday, got my new monthly statement.  Guess what?  Still shows rental fee of $12.00 per month.  Oh joy!  I called yesterday right before the bill came out only to be assured by a "supervisor" that everything would appear correctly on my new bill.  NOT!  Today a very rude supervisor called me back to finally inform me that I had never purchased a new router.  The router I received was for a rental replacement and that my initial new router order was somehow cancelled.  No one along this glorious journey every mentioned any of this.  I was told that the only way I can now purchase a new router was to start the process all over again.  Just after I set up the new router, boxed the old router, drove to UPS, changed all my devices with the new wifi password, etc.  No way in hell, you've got to be kidding?!  Told that this is the only way the system works.  They couldn't guarantee the router I now have is new.  What?! because it was sent out as a replacement for my rental.  I asked then why on my very first phone call I was told I could in fact "buy" the router I had in my home for the last who knows how many years.  Incorrect information yet again.  Supervisor offered no solution to this disaster of a customer service fiasco.  Even after threatening to terminate my account, he just shrugged it off as a big joke, alluding that I have been rude.  Are you kidding me?  I pride myself on being a very savvy consumer, fair-minded, and patient individual who was and is just at the end of the rope.  I agree - look elsewhere for your services.  The customer means nothing to Verizon.  I cited the numerous times they say that the conversations are being recorded.  That's totally incorrect.  Nothing that was said or agreed upon in any of my "millions" of other phone conversations was on file as I had to tell my story every single time I called in the CS.  Beware and think twice before renewing your commitment to this company.  I know I certainly will after over 20 years of being a loyal customer.  You have been warned!

Re: Worst Customer Service on the Planet!!!
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