Worst customer service

Okay, major storm.  I get it.   Many people are without power so who am I to complain about the inconvenience of being without internet, tv and phone?   Well, I’m not.  Your crews are out there and working hard. I see it.  I commend them.  But - what is with your customer service interactions??

First,  I get an appointment for 2-4 on Sunday (Mar 11th).  I get FOUR text messages leading up to the appointment - confirming appt, making sure I still have the problem, making sure someone over 18 will be home and, finally, another one confirming the appt.  Can you feel my excitement?

So, after being away out of the country all last week, I spend my day on Sunday stuck in my house waiting for your technician, when I should have been grocery shopping, getting gas, visiting family, etc.   My appointment window comes and goes - no sign of a Fios truck.  At about 5 pm I call to check status. I’m told I am next in line on the tech’s schedule.  Again I’m overflowing with excitement.  

At 7:20 pm I call again to check on status.  After being on hold for 1 hour 42 minutes, at exactly 9:02pm, I get a recorded message telling me the offices are closed - goodbye.  Seriously?  Customers should get some sort of credit for the amount of time spent on hold!

So, I call again this morning - thinking I’ll be on the schedule first thing this morning since I was “next in line” as of 5pm yesterday.   Nope.    NOW I’m being told you’ll get to me “at some point” - not even a timeframe.  Oh, I was also told that no one needs to be home for a downed line. Why did I get text messages insisting someone be home, I ask.  Because it’s an automated system and it can’t read the tickets, I’m told. Seriously?

Get with it, Verizon.  If Amazon and Zappos can do it, surely you can too. 

Re: Worst customer service

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.