Would like to use a MoCA adapter to connect my own router
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Hello everyone - networking noob here.

I'd like to connect use my own router with my Verizon FIOS service (I am internet only). Connecting the router directly to the ONT is not an option since there is no spare electrical outlet in the closet with the ONT. My apartment is wired for MoCA.

Instead, I'm trying to connect my router (NETGEAR Nighthawk AC 1900) to FIOS using a Motorola MM1000 MoCA adapter. The LAN light on the adapter lights up, so I assume it's connecting to FIOS. However the Link light does not turn on so there is no data going to the router.

Has anyone else tried this solution before, and did you have similar issues?

Alternatively I do see that the coax point on the wall has an ethernet outlet - can Verizon switch over to ethernet?

Re: Would like to use a MoCA adapter to connect my own router
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To do what you are trying to do you need the ONT to be on ethernet and have a pair of MoCA adapters. The first MoCA adapter needs to be connected at the ONT with ethernet. Then take the coax from the ONT and connect to the adapter. The second adapter will connect to the coax wall jack, then ethernet to your router's WAN port.

What kind of setup is in your closet? Do you have a bundle of coax and ethernet wiring in a panel? If so, you can just connect the ONT to the ethernet that leads to that ethernet outlet. 

You could also just put a power strip in the closet and connect your router right at the ONT.