Xbox 360 Lag and Latency issues(iPod format)
I'be been experiencing major lag and latency problems whenever I play an online game, Specifically COD and Battlefield 3. I started having problems about 3 weeks ago I'll join a game(Call of duty) and it will show that I have a good connection, then the connection will drop after I spawn in. Whenever I'm in a party it's alot worse, but when Im solo it's not as bad but I still lag. I used to get 4 bar(best connection) all the time until recently it's been 1 and 2 bars (worst connection). I'm a cable tech myself so I have done everything that I can do on my end I think. It's our third modem(wireless n modem) and I'm still having bad connection. A list of things I have done: dmz host, port forwarded xbox live ports, port triggered xbox live ports, static nat, advanced filtering, found the best dns servers to use, and reset the modem/router a million times. When I try to ping my xbox it's always 100% loss. I also called verizon and they said everything was fine. I told them the problems I was having and they said they don't know. All they did was tell to reset my router that's it and they reset the home networking box. Now I don't all the parameters that verizon has with the fiber lines but I'm assuming the line outside could possibly be damaged. The day this started happening it was about 28 degrees out. Can cold weather damage the fiber optic lines? Can anyone help me with this? Sorry about the format it's from my iPod.
Re: Xbox 360 Lag and Latency issues(iPod format)
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This would not be caused by a damaged fiberoptic cable. If that were the case, all internet transmissions (and possibly TV and phone) would be effected. You xbox must not be configured to respond to ICMP messages (pings) if you are getting 100% loss. If every packet being sent to xbox was honestly being lost, it would not be able to get on xbox live at all. Please run a speed test on one of your hardwired PC's to make sure you are getting internet speeds you are supposed to. If your Xbox is connected wirelessly, please change the wireless channel for your internet connection incase you are getting wireless interference.