Xbox one x network help 😢😢

So everything was fine last week with my network on the xbox one x  like. 3 days ago we switched from optimum to verizon fioz and now after the switch for some reason my xbox does not wanna connect to the internet through the ethernet cable i can connect through wifi just fine but the xbox does not read the ethernet cable and i know is not the xbox cause today i took the xbox to a friends house and connected an ethernet cable and the xbox read it just fine i was gaming with no problem for several hours with no interruption now im back home and i try connecting it in my house  with the ethernet cable and it still does not read it i also borrowed the ethernet cable i was using at my friends house to make sure it was not the cable and i still got the same result so i know is not the xbox or the ethernet cables i got so i came to the conclusion that it has to do something with the router settings but i have no clue as of what to look for or do can someone give some suggestions ? P.s when i got to network settings where it shows your connection i can see the xbox attempting ti read the cable every few like 30 seconds but nothing. 😢😢😢