accessing home router remotely

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to access my home router remotely so I can change the parental control settings. I have done this before, and have my IP address, Router Serial Number and username and password all written down here at work but it seems the IP address won't connect.

Here are my questions :

- Could my router's WAN IP address have changed and if so is there any way a verizon tech could  tell me the new address based on my account info and serial number?  Or will I have to wait till I have to wait to get home and log in through my LAN?

- Could it be an issue with Win 7 or my version or IE  instead, and if so any hints to make the IP connection work.

Again, I know the password, I know my username, but when I type the IP into my browser  it won't connect at all.

Thanks in advance for any help


Re: accessing home router remotely
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Community Leader

#1 Why not use OpenDNS (or some other DNS Server provider like it) ?

#2 OR if you want to access the router remotely: Why not get your DDNS Domain name? For example

While I know you asked the questions that you asked, I also wonder if the workplace that you work for is blocking your access to your home router.