adding FIOS to a high rise condo building


we are working to add fios to the units in our condo.  we currently do have shared ONTs on our floors with VDSL so we need to get the fiber down the hallways to get full FIOS.  i'd like to hear from people who have had FIOS added in their high rise buildings with individual  ONTs in the apartments.  how did it go?  where did you put the ONT?

also, could someone send or point me to a datasheet for the ONTs being used in apartments.

thank you.

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Community Leader

Something like that is going to be re engineered. Those vdsl onts use one fiber to feed the ont so verizon will have to add larger terminals to feed multiple onts per floor. Condos can be tougher to make ready because they could run conduits through a common closet from basement or attic but they would need access to each unit. If there's a drop ceiling in hallway they would probably bring it outside the front door. The current ont models being used would be Nokia i 211ml or arris 1000g depending on your central office equipment.