adsl2 vs adsl2+ apt configuration questions.

Okay so i have 12mbps adsl2 and my apt complex has 1 port that can do the 12mbps in the apt phone box hub. if 1 person has 12mbps everyone else can only do 6mbps. what i want to know is how do i figure out what it would cost to allow me to get the adsl2+ 24mbps. like what would be required to update in the apt complex. the apartment was built in the 80s and has a phone line dsl port in the apt.yes frontier offers 24mbps in my area the tech person just said the main hub in the office only has a single 12mbps port. any tech person can tell me what needs to be upgraded?

my phone port in apt has 4 wires connected frontier offers 24mbps in my area but i can oly get 12 acording to tech person do to something with the phone hub setup with main office can someone give me an idea whats the cause.

Re: adsl2 vs adsl2+ apt configuration questions.
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So there's a bit at play which may be confusing the question you're asking. Frontier can be a bit weird, too. Let me explain.

If Frontier is saying 12Mbps is available per-line, they are likely saying that each user can have 12Mbps per connection, rather than one person having 12Mbps and everyone else getting 6Mbps.

Now, let's go with the notion that one person can get 12Mbps and everyone else can get 6Mbps. A few possibilities which can cause this include:

  • The lines being too long to do 12Mbps on one line, so Frontier is using ADSL2+ Bonding to combine two 6Mbps lines from the DSLAM into a bigger pipe.
  • Frontier is oversubscribed on the bandwidth and thus, can only support one more 12Mbps customer before they are forced to provide circuits at less bandwidth
  • Frontier doesn't have enough ADSL2+ cards available in the DSLAM or Remote Terminal. Thus, those stuck at 6Mbps will be tossed onto an older DSLAM or card which can't go beyond that.
  • The building or copper trunk doesn't have enough cable pairs to support more than a few or one bonded ADSL2 customer. This is less likely given landlines have been on the decline.

Now on the question of ADSL2+ at 24Mbps, this is likely going to be achieved through either port bonding or VDSL2 upgrades. The phone box in your apartment is likely only a NID or Demarc, thus doesn't generate DSL (But it can be used to filter DSL using special in-line modules). To achieve 24Mbps, Frontier can either install a single VDSL2 circuit if you're in range for 24Mbps. Or, Frontier can install two 12Mbps circuits and use ADSL2+ port bonding to accomplish this, since ADSL2 can go further out than VDSL2. They might not have enough available ports on the DSLAM to accomplish this if Frontier has a high customer count - common in areas without Cable Internet available.

As to what needs upgrading, that is for Frontier to clarify. What Frontier is doing is leagues ahead of what Verizon is doing in the DSL department, unless you order a business or Metro Ethernet circuit which Verizon can sometimes deliver over e.SHDSL. Those are specialized circuits on specific gear which is not used for residential service.