antother router swapping issue / question - specifically VOD service

I have a 4 year old revision D Actiontec MI42WR router.  I recently obtained a newer 'I' revision MI42WR router that I want to use in place of my older 'D' unit.  I got this from a guy down the street... not an official version change.

My existing router is a MOCA ( coax ) configured, DHCP for it's 'Broadband' connection config.

I released the broadband assigned IP and turned off my old router. Attached my new router let it get a new Broadband connection DHCP assigned address.

So... my new 'I' revision FIOS router appears to work. I can do internet on my pc. I can 'watch' standard tv on my DVR. The

guided appears to work.

Now.. the issue I have is VOD does not work on my DVRs. I press the VOD button on the remote and I get an error about

not being able to connect to the VOD server. I reboot my DVR and it does not fix the problem.

I did NOT copy  any setting from my old 'D' router to my new 'I' router... are there per-router configs that need to be made / copied

to get VOD working through a new/different router? 

I do see a lot of ip port forwarding things on my old router that look like they might be DVR / STB related. Do I need to copy

those too... or will VOD just magically start working at some point in the future?


Re: antother router swapping issue / question - specifically VOD service

VOD works on triggers, so it programs those on the fly when needed.    VOD does not have ports that need to be forwarded though, or at least I haven't noticed in mine if they do.

What you may want to try is an auto correct.  

So either do that at the website and select either

Quick Fix for Set Top Boxes
Set Top Box or DVR Not Working
Re: antother router swapping issue / question - specifically VOD service
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My current router failed and VZ sent me a replacement router and I got in on Saturday.  I hooked it up about 10 minutes ago and just pressed on-demand it works.  So I'm not sure what needs to happen on the router but as you can see it started working for me right away.

You may want to reset the VZ router you got to factory default.