cant self install fios.

Changing service into my name in house that already had fios.  Installed new router but it seems that it is just the old service still.   I can log into my verizon and the fios app, but most items are greyed out.  When I go to the address it just ends up sending back to my verizon page.  I've spent 45 minutes on hold twice on the phone and haven't gotten a live person.  Did the call back feature and when they called me back there was no one there.  

Not sure what the issue is. 

Re: cant self install fios.

Possible the person who had it before did not cancel it. Or it’s pending cancellation.

call 1-800-VERIZON between 8 am till 5 pm EDT to get an American representative.

might be a simple fix of just restarting the router or doing a release of the dhcp before plugging in new router. If the router is disconnected for two hours the dhcp releases on its own.