charged $160 for a tech fee without them telling me
So I got Verizon Fios about 7 months ago, and within those 7 months, my internet and cable shut down. They advised me to get a tech to come to my house, so I agreed to it. They did not mention they would charge me $100 for a tech to come and replace a wire that probably cost them $5. Then charge me $60 for that wire. So in total I was blindsided by a $160 charge on my bill, and they never told me. When I asked why, being that clearly it was a faulty wire to begin with (I have no animals or children in my house) and they did not even inform me of the charge, they said they sent an email. Well, they did. But it didn't mention any fees. The lady lost her temper when I asked to speak to a supervisor and just redirected my call to regular customer service (I was speaking with the billing department). They offered me $15. It was so insulting. Beware of this secret fee when you get tech support. They also mentioned if I had tech support insurance (?) I wouldn't have had to pay. I never even heard of that.
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#1 Either:

a) They are human and made a mistake.

b) OR they told you but it was in the fine print.

#2 By fine print:

a) Disclaimer that protects their interest.

b) and tends to be really small text in the hopes that you do not read it.

Note - For radio ads: Since you to hear them instead of reading - the disclaimer is the audio that goes faster.


Between the two, their mistake and Fine Print - most likely the fine print.