I used a chat to set up moving my service from one place to another a month before I was moving. Things seemed fine, I got an email that my service would start on the corect date. Problem is, they cut my service off today- a MONTH early. So, I try to call the number that's on the nice error message on the tv to hear I have over an hour wait time. I try to find a chat to use, waiting another 20 mintues I get someone who can't help me and 'transfered' my chat to customer service. After waiting 15 minutes to chat I tried to call another number from my cell phone, while still waiting on my office phone. I finally got someone who was a competent human, to which I was pleased. Reggie checked in on me when he put me on hold to find a resolution. He got the internet working. On top of working full time, I'm a full time student online, so I need internet. I came home tonight thinking everything was fine, I do school work and when I'm done I wanted to watch a show and unwind, only to see the same error message. I try to call the number on the screen again to be told I have to call back during regular hours (it's 8:00 at this point). I search the internet to find another phone number, no luck, and another... I eventually give up and try a chat again. Waiting 15 mintues, again. The person who helped me tried. They would disappear and not talk for extended periods of time, making  me think that I've lost them. An hour later, I finally have tv service, and I'm too tired to watch a show. In total I've spent over 3 hours today, almost 4, trying to get my service restored becuase it was turned off when it shouldnt have been. 4 hours to correct something that shouldn't have happened in the first place!! To say I am angry and frustrated is an understatement. I was not rude or angry with the representatives I did have contact with, I normally do not make complaints about anything, but this situation has me furious. My time and sanity is valuable and I do not feel I should have to pay for this, and a credit to my account is in order. I request you credit me this last month of service. Honestly I am afraid of what fresh hell awaits me when I have the new service installed next month. I can get tv and internet from many other places, and I've been a loyal fios user since I relocated here in 2006, but I'm starting to question this. 

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Hi zerocreativity,

Please be aware that this a forum where users help other users. If you wish to speak with a Verizon representative about your issue, then please visit the Contact Us page. For billing questions, please contact Verizon during normal business hours.