did i do that?
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browser- i.e., google chrome; o.s.- vista; installation from wall jack - "T" -filter - "T"-phone

                                                                                                                              |                   - filter- answering machine

                                                                                                                               - actiontec gt704wgb- ethernet cable - desktop comp.

speed results: downloading- 1.49 and uploading 0.385 according to the test. the plan is 1.5-3 

i noticed that all lights are solid except for the ethernet and wireless (blinking). i also noticed that the computer hardware is a yellow ! beside the 6T04 adapter. (networking) please help me so i can sleep better at night!

Re: did i do that?
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Community Leader

Can you describe to us what is the problem more in depth? The yellow caution symbol over the 6to4 adapter is nothing to be concerned about for the time being, as that would be an IPv6 to IPv4 tunneling adapter.

If you're concerned about both the speed as well as the blinking lights, we can take a look at those.